20. huhtikuuta 2017

Wind power construction devastates peat bogs in Finland.

Here are 3 cases for example that show how pristine carbon-binding peat mires are cleared out of the way for wind power plants and roads.

Case 1.

Kujaheikinneva peat bog in Kalajoki, Finland as it was before in a pristine state.

Almost 3 meter deep layer of peat was dug off the bog to build several wind power plants there.

Photo is from the contractor´s site.

Now the place looks like this.

Case 2. 

Sydänneva mire in Kalajoki, Finland before...

...and after. The whole peat bog has been cleared away for two giant wind power plants and a new road.

Case 3.

Karhunrahka aapa mire in Alavieska, Finland. The Google image shows a pristine wetland wilderness.

A new road line was cut through the peat mire.

The power plants were built on small forest isles in the middle of the wetland.

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